TFP Policy

Occasionally I will put out a casting call for portfolio models. Here are some things to remember in regards to my TFP(free) shoots. The photos from these shoots are how  I advertise my work and I want people to see what they will get when they invest in a shoot with me. I need your help to make that happen.

  • Please remember to credit me in the captions anywhere the photo appears. Either by name or tag my social media.
  • Do not modify the finalized photos. ( filters, watermarks, cropping) You will have a input on the how the images are edited during the final review.
  • Do not sell or use the photos for any commercial purposes. ( if you would like commercial use let me know)

Here is an overview of how you can expect our TFP shoot to go.

I’ll need a model release signed before we start shooting. If you look young I may ask to see your ID.

If you need to cancel or even if you think you might please let me know as soon as possible. If your running late give me a heads up.

Feel free to bring a friend as long and they aren’t distracting. They will probably want to bring some entertainment. Shoots can be boring if you’re not directly involved.

Bring more outfits than you think you’ll have time for. Its better to have options and not use them then find out something Isn’t working on camera and not have anything else.

After the shoot I will post the photos to a private gallery. These will be unedited proofs and should not be posted anywhere or saved. You’ll pick 10 photos from the shoot for editing. I’ll may make some additional selections, you will have access to those photos also.

The turnaround for photos varies based on how busy I am but you should receive finished photos within 2 weeks of making your selections. I’ll send you a link to the finished photos for review. I can make any edits or changes you’d like. Then you’re free to save and post the photos.

When you post the photos please remember to credit me in the captions. Please don’t modify the finalized photos. ( filters, watermarks) Do not sell or use the photos for any commercial purposes. ( if you would like commercial use let me know)

We have 2-2.5 hours to shoot, this includes time for makeup if you want it done onsite. You should be able to do 2 – 3 looks.

Wardrobe is up to you as long as it falls in the style we’re going for. I shoot everything from clothed to fully nude. My default is PG13 so let me know the level of nudity your comfortable with and of course you can always change your mind at anytime.

If you want my opinion on any outfits you can send me a photo.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

My cell is 512-496-1940 text or voice is fine.

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