What if I don't know how to pose?
That is perfectly fine. I have a lot of experience working with people who are not used to posing. I’ll be able to provide your examples , demonstrate poses and coach you into the positions that will have you looking your absolute best
Is there an age limit?
A limit no but a minimum yes,  for fashion and glamour shoots you need to be at least 18 years old. For Boudoir or lingerie shoots you need to be 21 years of age. (Have ID ready to verify)
Do you Photograph men?
Yes, I photograph people of all ages (18+) ,races,  genders, sexual orientations, body size and ability level. If you want to pose for me, I’ll take your pictures. 
What about my hair and makeup?
Making use of professional  beauty experts can make a real difference in the final images. I have a network of amazing  hair and makeup artists that are able get you camera ready for an additional fee. I you have a H/MUA that you would like to use or feel that you can do your own you that is fine also.
What should I wear?
What you wear is completely up to you. Your comfort  is the single most important factor in determining how your photos turn out.  I can help you select your outfits and make suggestion on how best to utilize them but only you know what you will be comfortable wearing.  I always tell my clients to bring more than you think you’ll need. Its always better to have more options than you need.  
Can I be nude / do I have to be?
What you choose to wear or not wear is completely up to you.  As your photographer its my job to help you get the look you want out of your photos. I’m comfortable shooting men and women at whatever level of nudity they choose. ( none, implied, partial, full) During the shoot my clients are my coworkers and can count on a comfortable and professional environment regardless of what we are shooting.  All shoots involving nudity will be conducted in private residences, on private property with the owner permission or only at venues where it is expressly allowed.
Who is going to see my photos?
Only the people necessary to insure the best quality results will be able to see your images. Your photos will not be used for advertisement or self promotion unless you give your express written permission. 
Do you have any female photographers?
No,  but I often have female assistants or hair / makeup artist that can sit in on our shoot. You are also welcome to bring a friend with you to the shoot. If you’d simply prefer a woman behind camera I can recommend several amazing photographers for you to consider. 
How soon can I get my photos?
within 48 hours after the shoot your photos well be made available on a secure password protected online gallery for you to make your selections. After you choose the photos for retouching please allow for one week to receive your final images.  If you need the images sooner, expedited processing is available for an additional fee. 
What if I need to reschedule / cancel ?
I understand that life happens and sometimes the best made plans just don’t work out.

All deposits needed to reserve a date, cover travel expenses and book locations  are non refundable.

Cancellations – If you cancel more than 3 before your can you may request a refund of 50% of your package cost.  If you cancel within 3 days of your schedule shoot are non refundable.

If you need to reschedule more than a 72 hours  before your shoot the session  can be moved to any available time slot a no additional cost. Any travel , or location expenses are not transferable or refundable.  If you need to reschedule within 72 hours of your shoot there is a inconvenience fee of $100 in addition to any non refundable travel or location expenses.

Can I bring someone with me?
Yes ,and frankly I’d caution you against shooting with anyone who does not allow you to. Having someone you trust accompany you to the shoot can help you feel comfortable during your session. Here are a few things to consider when asking someone to accompany you on the shoot.

  • Will you be comfortable posing with this person in the room? Will they be comfortable watching you pose?
  • Your companion will be attending for moral support only, they should not expect to “help” direct , pose or style your shoot.
  • Watching a photo shoot isn’t nearly as interesting as participating in one.  It would be a good Idea for your companion to bring something to entertain themselves while we work.
  • depending on where we shoot space could be limited. Your Companion may need to steep into the next room to ensure they will not impact the quality of your photos.
Can we shoot a in a studio/ my place / a friends / a hotel?
Yes. I use a mobile studio that allows me to shoot almost anywhere. If you would like a “studio” look, I have access to several studio spaces that can deliver that look. However I prefer the less artificial look of a well decorated home, rental or hotel room.  Ultimately it will be up to your to decide on the look your want to achieve with your shoot. 
Can you come to my city?
Yes,  I love to travel. If you want me to come out just for you any travel related expenses will need to be covered.

If you have a group who would like to schedule more than $1500 worth of photo services I will make a trip to your city to shoot with you.

I will also announce the dates and locations of other cities that I will be available for bookings.

Can I use the photos commercially or in advertising?
If your are an actor, model, or entertainer who wants to use my photos in a portfolio or on marketing material to attract clients or get work I have a  usage license that can be provided at no additional cost.

If you are a designer , influencer or store owner that wants to use my photos to sell products or in advertising campaigns we will need to discuss a compensation level that fits your usage.

You may not sell, place watermarks , substantially alter or licensee my photos without my written consent. 

Will you put a watermark on my photos?
No, I don’t use watermarks on my photos. If I do my job right you’ll want to tell people who took your photos.