Adult Entertainers, Escorts, and Companions

First Impressions Matter

When you work in a business with so much emphasis on how you look It’s crucial that you have high quality photos representing you. For adult entertainers, escorts, and companions your photos will be the first contact you have with a potential client. You literally can’t afford  to make a bad impression. You need to have something that will catch the eye and make them want to see more.

  You may feel like you have it covered because  know someone with a camera and everyone’s cell phone are capable of taking photos that are good enough. However, a camera is only a tool. Just like having a paintbrush doesn’t make you a painter, having a camera doesn’t make you a photographer.  Knowing how to use the tool is what makes the difference. You need to understand the camera, the lighting and know what poses will and won’t translate through the camera. Photographers don’t “take” good photos they “make” them.

Also, ask yourself if “good enough” is really how you want to market yourself. High quality photos will communicate that you value quality and won’t settle for less.  As a photographer it’s my job to create a photo that does more than show what you look like. Great photos can tell a story,, evoke an emotion and communicate your personality in the few short seconds it takes for a client to decide if they are going to choose you or move on to the next picture. In a crowded market, how do you plan to stand out?

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Time for an Update

Actors and fashion models update their portfolios every 4-6 months because they know that the best chance to land the job is the first time someone sees their picture. Humans are inherently attracted to things that are new and fresh.  Once your photo has been passed over it only gets easier and easier to keep passing over it. Having a variety of photos that you can use will give you another shot at the clients you missed and give your recurring clients another reason to keep coming back.

They say “variety is the spice of life” for a reason. Having photos in with a variety of outfits, locations and moods will give you a bit of mystery while also demonstrating a consistent quality over time. While I’m certainly not someone who looks down on nude and erotic photography , I do believe that you can create photos amazing sex appeal without taking without showing as much skin. Mixing in a some  glamour photos to a strong boudoir portfolio will let help your clients see you in a new light. 

Professional and Discreet

Unlike most portrait clients, adult entertainers, escorts, and companions aren’t getting high quality photos as a luxury item, they are a necessary part of their business. When you work with me you can count on the highest level of professionalism in the planning and execution of each shoot.

  • All your proofs from your shoot will be posted on a secure and password protected site for you to choose which ones should be edited.
  • The style of editing can be adjusted to suit your personal tates.
  • Your identity can be obscured by posing, the use of masks, face blurring or tattoo removal .
  • Photos will available for your to use quickly
  • Your photos will not be used for advertising unless written permission is given.
  • I don’t use watermarks on my photos, but I can put your personal one on the photos.
  • Affordable rates and referral program