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I’m looking to partner with 3-5 individuals  in the Houston area who can commit to shooting nude and boudoir content on a frequent basis. The photos produced will be used in the launch of an onlyfans/patreon  and advertising for my photography services.  In exchange you will receive your choice of no less (often much more) than 10 images for every hour spent shooting. You may use these photos in your portfolios, as content for your own pay site or as direct sales to your fans.


What you get

I will guarantee at least 10  photos of your choice for ever hour of shooting. I anticipate that you will receive more but that is the minimum.  Photo will be turned around in maximum of 2 weeks after selections. 

Basic editing on all delivered images. This  can includes skin softening ,blemish removal, small tattoo removal , color correction and other exposure related adjustments.  I have a particular style I use on my photos but they can be delivered “bare” so that you can apply any look you want. 

Photo’s delivered with no watermarks.  You can brand them for your site. Tags, mentions and word of mouth referrals are greatly appreciated. 

Limited commercial use license.  You may use the photo advertising your services, place them behind a paywall or sold directly to your fans.

The photos may NOT be sold to magazines , used on products,  used to sell products / events or used in any other commercial manner without permission. 

Minimum requirements

  1. Available to shoot in the Houston Area on a frequent basis (at least once a month) 
  2. Willing to shoot both nude , boudoir (classic & casual)  examples below
  3. Able to provide location  or split cost of location. 

Who I’m looking for?

I hope to assemble a diverse team and I’m open to partnering with women regardless of  race, age, size as long as you meet the minimum requirements.  Content partners that wish to have their faces hidden can be accommodated. 

I do shoot men but my primary client pool is women so I don’t have very much need for solo male content. However I do need couples photos of any/all gender pairings. 

Most of all I’m looking for people who want to produce a lot of content. 


Practice and Content. I believe you grow through repetition and  would like the opportunity to experiment and practice with different techniques. Like most creatives I also have constant need of fresh content that showcases my work since I don’t release the images of paying clients. 

What will we shoot.

I’m primarily looking to create solo & couples  boudoir style photos that range from fully nude ( non explicit) to lingerie & casual boudoir looks.  As a stretch goal  I’d also like to coordinate  a  group  “boudoir party” shoot.  Examples at the bottom. 

Here I outline what you can expect during a shoot. 

I’m open to shooting any other genre’s that the content partner desires for their use. 



Email : 

Text: 512-496-1940 ( Mention content partnership in text) 

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