About Me

Jamal Williams

I’m a photographer with over 8 years experience and I am passionate about intimate portraiture (also known as boudoir). I love helping people create powerful images in sessions where they can joyfully explore and express their authentic self. When a client tells me that our session let them feel comfortable being themselves in a way she (sometimes he) never expected, I know I’ve fulfilled my mission. At its best boudoir photography can help clients discover a new courage that they weren’t sure they possessed.

Boudoir photography is often thought of as a gift that you give to your significant other. While it is true, the photos from your shoot can make for an amazing gift, your session should feel like a gift you’re giving yourself. I believe that the process of creating your images should be as rewarding as the results. From your initial consultation, to the delivery of your images, my number one priority making the process fun and enjoyable. You don’t need a partner or special occasion. Treat yourself to an wonderful experience and amazing photos.

Lets get started

We can begin planning your session today. It would be my honor to help you explore a different side of yourself or express who you truly are.

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