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I believe boudoir is a way to remove distractions and focus on the person.

Jamal Williams


I’m your average techie/creative, proto-millennial (born 1980). I’m a photographer from Ponca City, a  small town in Oklahoma. My first love has always been tech and computers, and I’ve worked in the tech sector for over 25 years.  Ten years ago, I picked up my first dslr cameral, (I started out with a Fuji Fine Pix), and began taking photos.

It didn’t take long for my interest to grow into an all-consuming passion to create compelling images. Photography isn’t my sole source of income, but it would be a mistake to believe it is simply a hobby for me. I approach photography with the same dedication and professionalism that I do my corporate job. 

Like most budding photographers, I tried various genres. But I was quickly drawn to photographing people. There is something so magical about being able to capture a moment in time that still conveys all the feeling of being there. I have never connected with the perfectly posed, highly stylized, and super dramatic images that you see in fashion magazines. When I shoot photos, I prefer something far simpler: a subject, the light, and an emotion. I love photos that give you a sense of the person in them. And I’m fascinated by photos that tell a story or leave you full of questions. I want to create images that move you.

Boudoir (“boo-dwahr” or “boo-dwa”) is a french word meaning a woman’s private dressing room/bedroom.

why boudoir?

Boudoir as a style of photography, can have a lot of different meanings to different people.  For me, boudoir is about letting your guard down and shedding the public persona you show the world. It’s about showing who you truly are or how you feel about yourself. I love helping my clients explore this self concept though photos. In many other genres of portraiture, there can be so much emphasis on the concept , the props, or the fashion, that the person at the core of the image is obscured. I believe boudoir is a way to remove distractions and focus on the person.

I understand that it can be incredibly scary and difficult to be that vulnerable on camera.  So even more than the technical challenges of taking good portraits, my primary responsibility as a boudoir photographer, is to create a space that allows you to be comfortable being your authentic self. I’ll do all I can to make my session fun, creative, and safe.  As an artist, it’s this mix of technical skill, personal interaction, and creative expression that makes boudoir photography an irresistible puzzle to solve. When I successfully balance those ingredients, the images created become true works of art that can be cherished forever.

I often tell people, “I want my photos to look like the memories of your lover.”

Jamal Williams

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