Sarah and Dominique

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Sometimes things just work out. I booked shoots with Dominique and then Sarah on the same day. It just so happened that they are best friends and hang out together all the time. When I caught on to the situation, I made the offer to change up the times so that they could shoot together.  I’m so glad that I did. Good boudoir photos depend on creating a comfortable atmosphere for your client/model. And like everything else taking photos is always more fun with your friends and you can see it in the photos  It was great to be able to shoot with Dominique  ,whom I’d had the opportunity to work with on a different project , while Sarah was getting her makeup done.  Sarah was able to get a feel for my shooting style and they both had each other to bounce ideas off of. We also got a chance to get some shots of them together.

We were also joined by a wonderful makeup artist , Rhonda Grisham. You can see more of her work here: