Project – Do the Splits

I’ve been a fan of the martial arts for basically all my life. Barry Gordy’s Last Dragon had a profound impact on me as a child. I think I’ve watched that movie a few hundred times.  I’ve dabbled in a lot of styles and taken classes in Karate, Kali , Kung fu, Bjj  and Tai chi. The longest period of study was when I earned a 3rd degree black belt over the course of 5 years.

During all that time I have never been able to do the splits. My kicks were high enough and there wasn’t a specific need to do it. However It was a passing interest and a few times I would focus on stretching for a week or so but  quickly moved on to other aspects of my practice.

Well now I’ve decided to dedicate myself to achieving the splits.  Its kinda ironic that I decide to pursue this goal after the longest period of sustained inaction in my life. I’m the least flexible I’ve ever been. I’m older and decidedly out of shape from years of sitting a computer.

No worries.  I’m not setting a goal on this one but I’ll follow up my 30 day sit-up/crunch/squat workout with liberal stretching and see where that gets me.

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